Install Linux ClarkConnect As Gateway…

Simple and Easy, the words that suitable for ClarkConnect…

For the installation.. all you have to do is…

1. go to

2. Find the download section..

3. Read the term and conditions carefully..

4. Download the ClarkConnect Community Edition..

5. Burn to your CD / DVD..

6. Boot your machine with the CD/DVD…

7. Choose Install…

8. If the installation ask for mode, choose Gateway…

9. Choose type of internet connection you will use.. Ethernet.. Cable Modem… etc…

10. Set your password.

11. reboot the machine..

12. login to your GUI console if you not familiar with text console…

13. Go to network..

14. Activate DHCP…

15. Done.,

16. now go to your client machine..

17. set the network as DHCP..

18. Done…


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