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Ayo sapa yang lagi butuh netbook murah.. silahkan mampir aja ke IndoComTech 2009, dari tanggal 4 sampai hari ini… tgl 8 November 2009…

Mulai netbook dari 2jt’an.. sampai dengan 4jt’an.. available dah.. tinggal gesek.. or tinggal bawa cash.. hmmmm.. prefer bawa cash aja.. sejauh yg terlihat… ATM-ATM disana.. penuh antrian terus..

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    Robert Sorokanich
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    Robert Sorokanich
  • And now one freakin' huge explosion April 19, 2014
    One freakin' goddamn huge explosion at some open-pit mine or a road construction or who knows what. Don't know, don't care: It's a freakin' huge explosion. That's all, people. Enjoy.Read more...
    Jesus Diaz on Sploid, shared by Jesus Diaz to Gizmodo
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    Robert Sorokanich
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