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Ayo sapa yang lagi butuh netbook murah.. silahkan mampir aja ke IndoComTech 2009, dari tanggal 4 sampai hari ini… tgl 8 November 2009…

Mulai netbook dari 2jt’an.. sampai dengan 4jt’an.. available dah.. tinggal gesek.. or tinggal bawa cash.. hmmmm.. prefer bawa cash aja.. sejauh yg terlihat… ATM-ATM disana.. penuh antrian terus..

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  • PicoBrew’s Zymatic Beer Making Machine Made A Brewer Out Of A Noob Like Me Juli 3, 2015
     PicoBrew is a beer-centered startup in Seattle, founded by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell and Avi Geiger. The machine at the heart of their operation is The Zymatic—an apparatus that simplifies beer-making by reducing the need to monitor the cooking process of creating Wort (unfermented beer). Did their device turn a beer drinker like me, with zero brewing […]
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    When it comes to fireworks, NASA doesn’t play around. A decade ago, they crashed a probe into a comet just to watch the cosmic display, and now they’ve turned that moment into a Vine.Read more...
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