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Ayo sapa yang lagi butuh netbook murah.. silahkan mampir aja ke IndoComTech 2009, dari tanggal 4 sampai hari ini… tgl 8 November 2009…

Mulai netbook dari 2jt’an.. sampai dengan 4jt’an.. available dah.. tinggal gesek.. or tinggal bawa cash.. hmmmm.. prefer bawa cash aja.. sejauh yg terlihat… ATM-ATM disana.. penuh antrian terus..

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  • Why Did the FBI Redact a Judge's Comments Mocking the FBI?  Desember 1, 2015
    The government hides information all the time, for a variety of reasons. As a recently unredacted court documents show, some of those reasons are flabbergasting-dumb. Read more...
    Kate Knibbs
  • Microsoft Lays Off 60 On Its HoloLens Team In Israel As It Shifts Development To The U.S. Desember 1, 2015
     Microsoft has yet to ship its first HoloLens holographic imaging device, but it is moving swiftly on to the next generation of development nonetheless. TechCrunch has confirmed that Microsoft has dismissed 60 people in Israel who work on the HoloLens — 30 full-time staff and 30 contractors. The plan is to wind down work on its VR headset and platform in the […]
    Ingrid Lunden
  • The iPhone May Ditch the Headphone Jack...For Real This Time Desember 1, 2015
    Apple cultivates a unique kind of rumor mill, one that often gets fixated on an idea and just keeps bringing it up year after year. Because eventually, it’s bound to be right...right? That’s the case with a new rumor suggesting Apple’s going to ditch the trusty 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone. But unlike past speculation, this time it has a little more we […]
    Darren Orf
  • Cookies Wants To Become The Venmo Of Europe Desember 1, 2015
     Many have tried, but no European company has become as successful as Venmo so far. Venmo is a great way to pay back your friends in a few taps without having to pay any fee. But its main issue is that it only works in the U.S. Stealth startup Cookies wants to do just like Venmo, but in Europe. Read More
    Romain Dillet
  • MIT Figured Out How to Make Cheap 3D Scanners 1,000 Times Better Desember 1, 2015
    Scientists developed pretty good 3D-imaging technology a while ago. They’ve also developed cheap 3D-imaging technology. Good and cheap has always been tough, but researchers at MIT have made a breakthrough using old fashioned polarization. The quality isn’t just good either–it’s great.Read more...
    Adam Clark Estes
  • Gawker Selfish Charity: Down With #GivingTuesday | io9 Could Iron Man and Captain America Have Roles Desember 1, 2015
    Gawker Selfish Charity: Down With #GivingTuesday | io9 Could Iron Man and Captain America Have Roles To Play In Spider-Man? | Jalopnik Hey Ladies, Now You Can Keep Your Tush Safe Too With Tobacco Motorwear Denim | Lifehacker Ladies: Don’t Be Afraid of Chest Workouts Read more...
    Kinja! on Kinja Roundup, shared by Kinja! to Gizmodo
  • Tidy Your House or Car With This Discounted Cordless Dust Buster, Today Only Desember 1, 2015
    Cordless hand vacs are great for cleaning the nooks and crannies of your house, but they’re especially great for vacuuming out your car.Read more...
    Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo
  • Knife, Spoon, and Fork Lightsabers Are Elegant Cutlery For a More Civilized Age Desember 1, 2015
    You no longer have to suck up to your parents to ensure their fine silverware will eventually be passed onto you, because what dinner guest wouldn’t prefer dining with a set of lightsaber flatware instead?Read more...
    Andrew Liszewski on Toyland, shared by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan to Gizmodo
  • Amera Is A Wireless Security Device Designed To Detect Motion And More Desember 1, 2015
     Assuming the human eye could see them, what would the wireless signals that we are surrounded by in our homes, businesses and cities look like? Nothing like the streams of ascii characters depicted in The Matrix, sadly. The reality is more like a sponge, says Cognitive Systems co-founder Taj Manku. Read More
    Natasha Lomas
  • Residential Real Estate Platform Nestio Lands A $8M Series A Round Desember 1, 2015
     Nestio, the NY-based leasing and marketing platform for residential landlords, announced today that is has raised $8M in Series A funding. The round was led by Trinity Ventures, and had participation from previous investors including Freestyle Capital, Joanne Wilson, and TechStars. The platform, which originally launched as a tool for renters to find apartm […]
    Fitz Tepper

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