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Ayo sapa yang lagi butuh netbook murah.. silahkan mampir aja ke IndoComTech 2009, dari tanggal 4 sampai hari ini… tgl 8 November 2009…

Mulai netbook dari 2jt’an.. sampai dengan 4jt’an.. available dah.. tinggal gesek.. or tinggal bawa cash.. hmmmm.. prefer bawa cash aja.. sejauh yg terlihat… ATM-ATM disana.. penuh antrian terus..

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  • Spindle Is A Social App That Encourages You To Be Selfish With Your Content September 4, 2015
     While social media platforms theoretically can be a great place to document life’s special moments, the reality is that social pressure often forces us to curate and filter our content for others, instead of focusing on ourselves. Launched last week, Spindle is a social journaling app that solves this issue by putting the emphasis on letting a user create c […]
    Fitz Tepper
  • A Water-Cooled Gaming Laptop is Sublime Overclocked Overkill September 4, 2015
    If the Philips AmbiLux TV stole my heart with its audacious projected immersive lighting tech, the batshit-crazy ASUS ROG GX700 water-cooled gaming laptop has had the same effect for me but in a laptop. This thing is an absolute beast.Read more...
    Gerald Lynch - Gizmodo UK
  • Glowing Antineutrino Map Shows How Radioactive the Earth Is September 4, 2015
    It’s often said that we know less about Earth’s deep interior than we do about the surface of Mars (or maybe even Pluto). A new global map of subatomic particles called antineutrinos is helping to change that. It’s showing scientists just how radioactive our little Blue Marble is.Read more...
    Maddie Stone
  • New Star Wars Crap That Makes Me Want to Cut My Hand Off With A Lightsaber September 4, 2015
    Happy Force Friday! Today’s the official day that new Star Wars merchandise begins spewing forth from Lucasfilm and Disney . Too bad there are so many horrible The Force Awakens products floating around like Imperial garbage in a Death Star trash compactor.Read more...
    Alissa Walker
  • Fly Or Die: Vapium Summit Weekender Edition September 4, 2015
    With Labor Day around the corner, and Labor Day weekend already underway, it makes sense for us to have a celebratory look at the Vapium Summit Weekender Edition. The botanical vaporizer, at $189, is different from others in that it comes with its own solar panel, so you can charge it on the go without any access to a power outlet. So if you’re getting back […]
    Jordan Crook
  • Former Prisoners Rethink Criminal Justice Through Entrepreneurship And Civic Technology September 4, 2015
     “Reentry has to begin the moment you’re sentenced to prison. You’ve got to start planning to come home.” That’s the motif of Teresa Hodge, who co-founded Mission: Launch in 2012 with her daughter, Laurin. The Hodges never imagined prison in their future, but when Teresa began serving an 87-month sentence in a West Virginia facility, they quickly discovered […]
    Nikita Singareddy
  • This Futuristic See-Through Fridge Is Finally Going to Be a Real Thing September 4, 2015
    Haier’s been teasing its Smart Window Refrigerator for a couple of years now, but it will finally hit stores in Europe and Asia next year. It’s a crazy invention. You walk up to the fridge, and motion sensor-powered lights illuminate the inside of the inside which you can see through the translucent door.Read more...
    Adam Clark Estes
  • The Best Star Wars Loot From Force Friday September 4, 2015
    OHHHHH hell yeah. Star Wars toys galore. Welp. May the Force be with your credit card. Read more...
    Mario Aguilar
  • Two Teens Arrested for Sexting Each Other September 4, 2015
    Imagine getting arrested for flirting or foreplay. That’s the nightmare scenario for two North Carolina teens, who got slapped with felony charges for having a consensual sexually explicit SMS exchange. Read more...
    Kate Knibbs
  • Isotope Reactor Basically Looks Like a Sci-Fi Weapon in These Photos September 4, 2015
    The so called High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee was refueled a few weeks ago, and the lab posted great images of the process. And what images! Read more...
    Attila Nagy

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